Line Recommendation Chart

Here is our own generic line and tip recommendation chart for OPST Commando Heads, as well as specific line charts for several major rod brands. We will add more as time goes on, but for now you can always give us a call at 206-858-8476 or email us at if you would like a specific recommendation for your rod.

General Line Chart for Pure Skagit Commando Head


Line Chart by Rod Brand

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47 Responses

  1. Recommendation for OPST Commando head for Loop Evotech Medium Fast switch rod 1107wt 4 pc please. Also tip recommendations for up to T14...Thank you. Also are all of your steelhead flies in stock and I will be fishing for a week in Alaska Peninsula (Sandy River) with Trevor and would appreciate any of your fly recommendations. Likely will only get one shot at this show and want to be sure I show up there with the right "bait"!!! Pretty sure that Trevor has his own patterns for up there and thought you might have access to those patterns, I do not tie so need to buy!! Thank you. Mike Dixon 971-600-4842
    • Ben Paull
      Mike, sorry about the late response. I did not see this until just now. 350 grains should be spot on for that rod. 10-12 feet of T14 should be good. Yeah Trevor will have plenty of flies for sure. We are mostly out of steelhead flies right now. We should have more in stock in the fall. In the summer we mostly focus on trout flies, since Jonathan's capacity is fairly limited as a one man operation.
  2. Will Smith
    is there a line chart for Echo? 4wt
    • Ben Paull
      Hi Will, it depends on the length of the 4 weight..
      • Ryan
        Looking for recommendation for single hand line. 7.5’ 4 wt Winston Stalker (fiberglass). Thanks
        • Ben Paull
          Hello, sorry for the delay. We recommend a 175 grain head, either a Commando Head or an integrated Commando SMOOTH. With our 5 foot Micro Tips. Enjoy!
  3. I need a commando head and tip reccomindation for the echo SR 7wt 10’ 10” please
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, sorry for the delay! I recommend a 325 grain Commando Head for that rod. Enjoy!
  4. Karl
    What set up would you recommend for pike fishing in the Uk as some of the lakes and rivers I fish have very little room if any for a back cast. Best regards Karl
    • Ben Paull
      Hello Karl, it depends on the rod you plan on fishing. I suggest asking James Millard, our line recommendation specialist, at
  5. Jotautas
    Hello, what would your recommend on TFO Deer Creek 12'6", 5/6wt?
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, I recommend a 325 grain Commando Head for that rod. Enjoy!
  6. Jan Pryds
    Hi Sorry for not understanding the american wait system, but I have an 9,6" one hand #7 for the coast in Denmark, often with wind, what system to recommend? It looks so nice to use on your videos on Youtube ?
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, I recommend a 275 grain Commando Head for that rod, with either 7.5 or 10 foot tips. Our 7.5 Foot Micro Tips will work. Enjoy and good luck.
  7. Steve Swift
    Hi Ben, What would you recommend for an Echo 8134, 13'4" two handed spey rod? Thanks in advance.
    • Ben Paull
      Hi Steve, I recommend a 450 for that rod. Enjoy!
      • Steve Swift
        Thanks, much appreciated! I'm planning on winter steelheading on medium speed water, 4 - 7 feet deep, here in Southern BC. Can you suggest a tip length and tip weight for that head to ensure a proper anchor, assuming an unweighted intruder? Again, thanks in advance
        • Ben Paull
          I recommend a 168 grain Commando Tip, probably a Bucket sink rate (8/9)
  8. Craig Tucker
    Here's a new one: Fenwick Aetos 11'1" switch rod, 6/7 weight? Best Commando?
    • Ben Paull
      I would say go with 325. Enjoy!
  9. Greg Habben
    Been watching your videos on youtube, looking at setting up a system for my St Croix 9' - 6 wt and 9'- 8wt, mostly for bass fishing, especially small mouths in a river, both floating and sink tips, running line, etc, what's your recommendations?
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, I recommend a 225 grain Commando SMOOTH for the 6-weight and a 275 grain for the 8 weight. Or you could use just a Commando Head, in which case you'd need a running line- 35 and 40 pound would work well. For the 6 weight go with our 7.5 foot Micro Tips or 7.5 foot SHS Commando Floating Tips for floating. For the 8 weight I would go with our 10 foot Commando Tips for sinking and 7.5 or 10 foot SHS Commando Floating Tips. Enjoy!
  10. Rob Stoeckel
    Recommended commando heads for the following two rods. A. TFO 7wt 9’0” Lefty Kreh professional series 2 B. Cabelas 5wt 8’6” LST Thank You
    • Ben Paull
      A. 250 grain B. 200 grain Enjoy
  11. REVEILLAC Jean Claude
    Hello, I need a commando head and tip t14 recommendation for a guideline lxi 4 pieces 12'9" 8/9 weight. Could you help me? Thank you
    • Ben Paull
      I recommend a 475 grain Commando Head, with our 168 grain Commando Tips for that rod. Enjoy!
  12. Reveillac JC
    Hello, I need a commando head and tip T14 recommendation for a guideline LXI 4 pieces 12'9" 8/9 weight please. Could you help me? Thank you in advance
  13. Karl K
    Hi, Please could you recommend a Commando head for a Loop S1 Cross 10'7" #7, switch rod. Thanks
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, I recommend a 350 grain Commando Head for that rod. Enjoy!
  14. Arne Gravem
    What would you recommend for an G. Loomis nrx13" two handed rod? Thanks in advance.
    • Ben Paull
      What weight of rod?
      • Arne Gravem
        Line 8/9. 32 gram
        • Ben Paull
          I recommend a 475 grain Commando for that rod.
  15. Benjamin A
    What head and tip length do you recommend for a Sage X 5wt 10’?
    • Ben Paull
      I recommend a 225 grain Commando Head, which is 13'6" long, and a 7.5 or 10 foot tip.
  16. Lyman Yee
    What do you recommend for a Meiser S2H11067 switch with a grain window of 350-550?
    • Ben Paull
      A 350 should work well for that rod. Enjoy.
  17. Trevor Venables
    I am fishing a Redington Prospector 11foot 5wt ,grain window is 325 plus or minus 25. I fish larger rivers for trout around Kamloops,what weight commando head would you recomend? Many thnx Trevor
    • Ben Paull
      A 275 grain Commando Head should work well for that rod. It may sound light but that is not unusual for our line recs. Enjoy.
  18. SteveLee
    Hi... Sorry, another line question, but this time for a shorter rod... What Commando Head do you recommend for a 7'11" Sage-SMALLMOUTH rod (that's rated for 290 grains). I ask this because this particular article (link below), references a 275gr OPST head for a Sage-LARGEMOUTH rod (which is rated for 330 grains)... So I'm a bit confused. Thank you! -Steve
    • Ben Paull
      Hello, I recommend a 250 grain Commando Head on that rod. Enjoy!
  19. Adam
    200 grain commando smooth on an 11ft 4wt switch rod with a 10ft floating micro tip seem like a good trout spey setup? Thanks!
    • Ben Paull
      Sorry for the delay. I would go up to a 225.
  20. William
    Hi guys. What head and tips would you recommend for a 11'3 switch rod rated 300-420 grains ? Cheers
    • Ben Paull
      Having the line rating would help, but based on what I know a 350 would be a reasonable choice.
      • William
        Well it is rated in 8 weight but it SH rate. It is weird I know. People seem to use it with 6/7 switch line of about 400 grain
        • Ben Paull
          Usually for an 11'3" 8-weight I would recommend a 400 grain.

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