How to Set Up an OPST Commando System

Learn how to set up the OPST Commando system from backing to leader. Purchase these products hereStarting from the backing, tie a double surgeon's loop in your OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line. Spool your the Lazar Line on to your fly reel and then tie another double surgeon's loop in the other end. Now attach your OPST Commando Head with a loop to loop connection using the loop that comes with the Commando Head. After that you can loop an OPST Commando Tip onto your Commando Head using the loop that is built in to the Commando Tip as well. Next, tie a double surgeon's loop in your OPST Megastrong Fluorocarbon and loop this to the Commando Tip. Now you just have to tie on a fly and go fishing.

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