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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is a group of steelheaders who focus on Skagit-style swing fishing for everything from king salmon to smallmouth bass. The Skagit River and the Olympic Peninsula have defined our products, the way we fish, and our philosophy.

We are a company dedicated to maximizing fly fishing enjoyment and opportunities. Our program revolves around Skagit casting, the most recently innovated "Spey" or anchor-based type of casting. It is our preferred methodology because of its wide latitude of angling versatility. It is distinguished from other Spey-type styles of casting by its use of a casting mechanism known as the Sustained Anchor. The Sustained Anchor is key to Skagit casting versatility and we here at OPST strive to optimize that effect by utilizing SAS (Sustained Anchor Systemology). By concentrating on SAS, the utmost potential of Skagit casting is achieved. We call the entire concept "Pure Skagit".

From casting delicate soft hackles out 60 feet with a 3 weight, to blasting four inch weighted steelhead flies through sideways wind and rain, to bouncing heavily-weighted crayfish patterns into wood-lined bank pockets for smallmouth- it can all be accomplished through the use of Pure Skagit. In other words, this is one casting concept that can effectively meet the demands of many different angling situations. This singular focus also equates to a quicker route of learning and achieving effective casting consistency and proficiency.

Such a versatile casting system is dependent on particular casting knowledge and skills. At OPST, a vast wealth of Skagit casting knowledge and skill, along with steelhead fly fishing and fly tying experience, is represented by a fly fisher who has been in on the development of Skagit casting since the beginnings: Ed Ward. Ed's name has been long associated with Skagit casting and its related innovations- Skagit lines, "radically" short sinktips, sinktip tactics for steelhead, and "radical" steelhead flies such as the Intruder. His expertise on "all things Skagit" is of the highest caliber.

We're Not making stuff up!




Big ups to you guys ... I'm the head river keeper on the Broadlands estate of the River Test  in England .....just spun a 275gr on my loop classic and taken it for a chuck with a 11' 7wt .... massively impressed and so much bloody fun man. .. no salmon today but two nice wild trout 1.4lb and 2lb  .... perfect head for salmon fishing on the Hampshire chalkstreams , I
Will be recommending your stuff to my fishermen ... respect !

Jon Hall

Hi guys. I recently purchased couple of your skagit lines for my single hand rods which are 9foot 5weight and 9'9" 8weight and I am very very impressed with what these lines can do. You have revolutionized the art of fly fishing in my opinion. I gave up on fly fishing due to the injury I have which is 4 disc herniations in my back. It was extremely hard for me to be out on the water swinging flies with conventional lines and set ups and then I came upon your skagit lines. Wow! It is effortless now for me to cast pretty much whatever I want wherever I want. You guys need to advertise your lines for people with similar situations as mine because I have been reborn since trying the lines myself. I think there are a lot of people out there in similar situations and they would benefit greatly from your skagit heads. I just wanted to say thank you. Amazing product. Cheers! - Ranko

Just wanted to take a second and thank you guys for such a cool product.  I swung this guy up my first time out with the 300g on a single hand 8wt in Michigan, from a stretch of river I'd always wanted to pick apart but never was able to.  Rad feeling, for sure. (see smallmouth bass picture in iPhoto)


Just a quick thanks for the head advice for my Biix 7wt. Fished the 275 with 30 pound lazar line. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The commando head just ripped out 10' of T14 and a big ol leech.

3rd cast this guy tried to rip the rod out of my hand. Never would have been able to cast where he was without the commando head.- Eric Mauro (See picture in Photos)

Howdy, I recently purchased a 300 gr. Commando head. This morning I had a chance to try it on a local lake. the rod was a 9ft. 8 wt. Albright, and a floating tip/leader. Once I calmed down and slowed down, it worked just fabulous. I just laughed after every cast! It was so much fun watching the whole thing unroll and shoot way, way out there. Great fun.

-Steve Root

“Hello OPST Team,

I have been following the OPST shooting head concept for a while now, even before the shooting head was made available to the public. I remember seeing the video on youtube of you guys testing a prototype shooting head on a converted single handed rod. I was impressed with the lazer loops. I did something similar and made my own short shooting head and converted rod, it was such as pleasure to cast and I had alot of fun with it.

Fast forward with the release of the OPST shooting head to the public. This shooting head is incredible! I use the 250gr on a converted 6wt single handed and it cast amazing overhead with both hands and spey cast just as well. Very pleasure with the shooting head. I let my clients try it and they are also a big fan of the shooting head.”

-Sonny Yu

Dear OPST, I want to tell you how much I really enjoy using your Commando heads. I was fishing the West Branch of the Penboscot River here in Maine and was using my Echo SR 5wt switch rod. I was using a 5/5 and a 7.5 /2.5 MOW tip on the end and absolutely love it. I am not an experienced spey caster by any means but was casting 50 to 60 foot cast with very little ease with no back room. I also started my 8 year old son this year on a small two handed 5 wt rod that I built him, using a 200 grain head and light float MOW tip and or a versileader he does very well doing a snap C and wonderful roll cast. There were many older gentlemen that were watching him and was highly impressed for his age and that fact that he had only been doing it for a month now. Again thank you for such a great product. Regards, Eric Brown


Just spent an hour throwing the 200 grain on a 9 ft 5 wt.  Holy cow, your aren't kidding, what a blast both roll casting and overhead. Perfect for throwing small clousers for our sea run cutts here in Puget Sound.

Thanks for the help and also the quick service, came the next day. You guys are great!”
Steve Cifka

“Hi Ben.

It's been a few weeks since I got the Commando 200 and Laser. All I can say is that I'm annoyed I didn't buy them sooner. Such a great set up to use. Especially in tight quarters. The shorter head is perfect for Australian rivers.

The only thing I had to do was cut up some fly line for a tip about 5-6 feet then the tippet. I wish you guys would produce a line of tips-especially for micro Skagit. I'm sure they would sell like hot cakes.

If I hadn't busted one of my rods last week I'd be buying more heads and running line sooner.

Cheers Andrew Cannon


P.s. The OPST waterproof bag I got is great. Rained for a whole week of fishing very thing was dry inside. love the simplicity it. Adheres to the KISS principle beautifully.”

“I have a 9' 5wt, 8'6 3 wt, 9' 7wt all with commandos and lazar line. This stuff rocks. I highly recommend that anyone who fly fishes have these heads. Once you get one you're hooked. I love them. The only line I use now. Anything is possible with these heads.”

-Aaron Thompson

“Hey guys ! jsut wanted to say thanks again for the awesome lines, here on the very east coast of southern new brunswick canada single handed skagit has not evolved yet. all i can say in my town it has now !! i thin i sent more than 50/75 this month alone to the OPST site to buy lines. no one has heard of them here and im pushing hard for these lines, AND no one here sells them either. but all in all i can say thanks and OPsT has hit this town hard or is going to . everyone fly fishing is always coming to me and asking how i am tossing 70ft casts with ease and all i say is commando head, and its goees from there. thanks and i hope to push more people towards these lines/products”- Andrew chandler

your commando head and lazar line are unbelievable.  It’s changed the way I fish.

-Troy Neureuter

I just purchased my second 400 grain head and now have a matching set of 9/10 11’ switch rods which I take to the river with different sink tips.  I may retire all my other spey rods.  I have even rolled 12 ft of t-18 on this rig - exceptional stuff.  Thanks much…. Here is a nice 35” steelhead caught on my 11’ Switch w/400 grain head rolling 15’ of t-14 dredging for Chinook.  10 minutes later I landed a 15 lb small Chinook on the same set-up.

-Wayne Hart

I purchased the Commando 325 for my Winston MS 4 wt. and the 375 for my Sage Method 7126-4 spey rods. I am absolutely impressed with the way they cast. My spey rhythm now looks professional, which in turn allow greater distance and, more importantly, keeps me motivated. I firmly believe the Commando spey head may be the best available-bar none. Thank you Mr. Ward for making a beautiful shooting head. Goodbye to my NextCast WinterAuthority and Rio Shooting spey lines!

-Rick Rodriguez

Ben, Dispatch 1 from Idaho.  Strung up the 275-gr. commando head for the first time this morning, and was testing a couple streamers (a tube sculpin, a tube smolt) to make sure they swim upright - they do - and went to my "town river".  Swing opportunities for big wild rainbows, still relatively unknown, at least most of ***** hasn't found out yet.  With runoff just calming down things are happening.  First cast in the good corner spot roped in a fish bigger than the one attached… I love how the commando head casts.  It's smooth.  Still likes to turn over that large chunk of rabbit hide, with a large tungsten raw weight, or a dumbbell-eyed sculpin.  Sold.  Can't wait to string them up on 5 and 6wts with dries, and more streamers - also a fantastic excuse to own two more reels.  Convinced my Dad to get one for brushy rivers in Maine, it's gonna change his life.  

..Cutthroat dry fly photos will follow, as soon as that program is happening.  Cheers, Mark

Thanks for making such an AWESOME product, had my best year ever catching Great Lakes running Chromers and Browns swinging big 5 to 7 inch bunny strips, wish I could send you all the pictures of the fish I landed this past season, swinging and stripping has and is my favorite way to fish and your product has allowed me to stay on the water so much longer just because I don't get that sore casters shoulder, my buddies many times were ready to go from casters fatigue, not me I kept bragging your shit up and one of them bought it and then was able to see what I was talking about, the only bad thing about that was I no longer had the water to myself and had to share the fun, if you need a rep here in the east just say the word. Thanks again for such a Kick Ass Product..... Tommy Johnson

Well what can I say just had the most sensational day on the river. Managed to bring to the bank 3 wild fresh run Atlantic salmon two double figure and one of about 7-8lbs can't thank you guys enough because without these Commando lines this simply would not have been possible. Massive shout out for OPST for keeping my dreams alive.

-Mark Smith

Hi Guys, Just picked up 3 spools for Lazer running line from Red's (FYI they are a great dealer for you!) to rerig some switch and spey set ups. I knew the lazer line was good because folks kept telling me - BUT wow I wasn't expecting how good the stuff is! Just plain makes fishing so much more fun!!!! great job on providing such cool stuff!

-Nick Yardley

Hi, I recently tried one of your commando heads with the lazar line and all I can say is WOW! I have been Spey fishing for about 8 months and I have never been able to turn over a head with such ease. Accuracy was phenomenal, turned over big flies no problem. I'm getting these heads for all my rods. So my questing is what grain head should I have for my rods? I have a redington chromer 13'6" 8wt and a redington predator 9 foot 6 wt. I would like to get the commando heads for both rods. Another question I had for you guys is what is your favorite length switch rod to go with these lines? Hope to hear from you soon! Love all the videos and great things you guys have done for the industry!

-Darryl Holtz

Hey guys, thanks so much for an AWESOME LINE! Take a look at these nice fish below, caught earlier this month on Haida Gwai in the Copper River. With a Sage One 11'6" 8wt, an OPST 425 grain Commando Head, 40 lb. Lazar Line running line, ten feet of T-11, and 3 feet of 18 lb. OPST Mega Strong flourocarbon tippet. This rig not only rocks in the tight quarters of the Haido Gwai rain forest, with zero backcasting room, and narrow little windows to throw darts between the trees... it ROCKS THE CASBAH! The head just FIRES out there, even with ten feet of T14 and an intruder the size of a sparrow, the running line just ZIPS off the water with even a simple single spey, and zaps up hard against the reel every time. This changes everything. I have drunk the Coolaid. I'm ordering a bunch more of these! Well done lads. See you in Alaska soon!


Fraser Heston

“Wow! The commando head is awesome! Got my order in the mail yesterday and took it out casting on my switch rod today. Absolutely amazing, that commando head took a rod that I never enjoyed casting and turned it into an absolute dream to cast. Thanks again Ben amazing product you guys make.”
Dylan Gorman

“Ok guys, I just half to say I got my hands on the new hooks, and the shanks.  Hands Down!! the best new products I have used!
I live in Terrace BC since feb of this year, I've guided on both fresh water, and salt.  I always serch for the better hook, and now I have it.  no bull shit!  I dont get this pumped on products ever, but feal I need to say, so far with these two products you have nailed it.  bin using them the last week for big Skeena springs and Im a OPST hook user for life now, and the shanks are a dream as I rig my intruders straight through old style and these shanks are a dream.
Next I will try to get my hands on the running line,  I see myself switching all my reels to it.
Thanks for making an awesome product."
Tim- Facebook

"Best spinner I have used and it isn't close…"
Christopher Orman, Facebook

“i purchased some laser line recently and wanted to tell you that its hands down the best running line ive ever seen, wont ever use anything else moving forward now. keep up the great work”
Dan Romanelli

“Finally picked up some Lazar line and tried it yesterday...........Holy shit.  A guy gets tired just from the the thunk on the end of a 75'cast....with no more effort than a little flick.  Seems like this stuff is good for another 30-40' if you can handle the extra running line without tangling it around you neck.”
Tom McCoy

“I don't often jump on a single company's bandwagon, but Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is seriously legit. Great Skagit lines, best running line I have ever used, and I can't live without their dubbing spinner for my tying (although I tie a lot of composite loops so.....). I promise you'll not be disappointed”
James Millard

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