“Wow! The commando head is awesome! Got my order in the mail yesterday and took it out casting on my switch rod today. Absolutely amazing, that commando head took a rod that I never enjoyed casting and turned it into an absolute dream to cast. Thanks again Ben amazing product you guys make.”

Dylan Gorman,

“Ok guys, I just half to say I got my hands on the new hooks, and the shanks.  Hands Down!! the best new products I have used!
I live in Terrace BC since feb of this year, I've guided on both fresh water, and salt.  I always serch for the better hook, and now I have it.  no bull shit!  I dont get this pumped on products ever, but feal I need to say, so far with these two products you have nailed it.  bin using them the last week for big Skeena springs and Im a OPST hook user for life now, and the shanks are a dream as I rig my intruders straight through old style and these shanks are a dream.

Next I will try to get my hands on the running line,  I see myself switching all my reels to it.
Thanks for making an awesome product."

Tim- Facebook,

I own two:). I lost the one I ordered in my house, and had a bunch of flies to tie before a N. Umpqua trip. Luckily one of the shops here carry them now. Now I own two. It's literally my favorite tool on my tying table.

James Millard, Facebook,

Best spinner I have used and it isn't close…

Christopher Orman, Facebook,