“i purchased some laser line recently and wanted to tell you that its hands down the best running line ive ever seen, wont ever use anything else moving forward now. keep up the great work”

Dan Romanelli,

“Finally picked up some Lazar line and tried it yesterday...........Holy shit.  A guy gets tired just from the the thunk on the end of a 75'cast....with no more effort than a little flick.  Seems like this stuff is good for another 30-40' if you can handle the extra running line without tangling it around you neck.”

Tom McCoy,

“I don't often jump on a single company's bandwagon, but Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is seriously legit. Great Skagit lines, best running line I have ever used, and I can't live without their dubbing spinner for my tying (although I tie a lot of composite loops so.....). I promise you'll not be disappointed”

James Millard,

Had a day on the Delphi system yesterday with a few friends . 1/2 day on the lake 1/2 day on the river . I fished a 11ft rod with a 375 grain head and a 10ft T10 leader with a2" copper willie gunn tube In horrendous swirly winds, pure effortless . The guys struggled on the lake with normal gear . A joy to fish . Used the 475 grain head with similar head n fly on the business end . No fish but in really blistering winds fishing was an effortless joy. Those heads are as you've said Stuart perfection . The boatman told the afternoon lads about my set up and how easy it was to fish . OPST

Stuart Longhurst’s group,