“Dude,  I've been meaning to write you since I got back from my trip...those heads are killer. I'm not one for melodrama but these are truly some of the most useful fishing tools I've ever invested in. They made my trip and they really changed single hand fly rods for me. These heads open up so many more options on where I can fish, what I can fish and how I can fish. There were definitely trout that I caught on our trip that would not have been possible without those heads. Thanks OPST for an incredible product!”

KL, Vancouver, BC,

“i just took a 325g commando head out for a test drive on a cpx 7wt switch, and i have to say these lines are so easy to cast its stupid!! just ridiculous!! zero throttle required. tones o fun. thank you gentlemen”

Erick Eisenbach, Youtube comment,