Our Skagit system represents the culmination of decades of study and dedication to the Skagit technique by Ed Ward and Jerry French. An extremely slick, memory-free running line is crucial in optimum distance and efficiency in Skagit casting. Paired with the right Skagit head, out Lazar Line running line will absolutely knock your socks off.
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There’s just something fishy about a barred fly, and OPST has incorporated this into their Signature Intruder Plumes to inspire aggression in fish and confidence in you.
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Introducing OPST Commando Heads

Hear from Ed Ward, Jerry French and Trevor Covich about what makes OPST Commando Heads extraordinarily fishable. These Skagit Heads are the result of decades of focus on sustained anchor systemology (SAS) by Ed Ward and Jerry French.
They are designed to expand the capabilities of shorter spey rods, switch rods and single hand rods beyond that of normal. You may be surprised at their short length, but this was no accident. The ultra-short design provides an effortless casting feel and enhances performance in circumstances of restricted casting room, troublesome winds and in casting bulky flies. It also makes OPST Commando Heads more fishable than longer lines that are hard to control on the water. Wanna roll cast? Underhand? Nymph? Single hand Skagit with a haul? Overhead? Go right ahead. You have never cast a line like the Commando.

Commando Heads for Alaskan Rainbows

From mousing, to streamer fishing to nymphing with and without indicators, Alaska present a huge opportunities and challenges for the trout fisherman. We have found OPST Commando Heads to excel at each of these forms of fishing. When sight fishing in small, salmon and trout-filled side channels, the ability to roll cast without false casting…
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Why so light?

The single most common question we get is: "why are your head recommendations so much lighter than other companies?" The truth is, we just made an error on our line chart. We've fixed the gliche. No, but seriously, our recommendations for OPST Commando Heads tend to fall 75-100 grains lower than many people would expect.…
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How to Tie Trevor’s Sculpin – OPST

Long-time Alaskan fly fishing guide Trevor Covich teaches you how to tie his sparse, deadly sculpin pattern that has accounted for untold numbers of big rainbows. Sculpins are some of the most effective flies in Alaska, and Trevor's version, with minimal materials and maximal movement, is one of the best. To recreate this sculpin ask for barred ostrich plumes from Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics.

Fly Tying Instructions

Composite Loop Fly Tying Learn a new fly tying technique to add unique effects to your flies and maybe even rekindle your passion for fly tying. These are a handful of patterns that are proven for steelhead, salmon and/or trout. We go through them in step by step detail to make it as easy as…
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Line Recommendation Chart

Here is our own generic line and tip recommendation chart for OPST Commando Heads, as well as specific line charts for several major rod brands. We will add more as time goes on, but for now you can always give us a call at 206-858-8476 or email us at if you would like a…
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