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Kings! They're big. They're mysterious. And yes they taste really good, but we like to release them. Although they have unfortunately declined to a mere sliver of their former abundance, king salmon are still accessible to fly fishermen from California north to Alaska. Only the steelhead compares in terms of mythical reputation, fighting power and ability…
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How to Catch Silver Salmon

Silvers are among the best fly rod fish in fresh water. Aggressive, acrobatic, abundant in many areas, they are the perfect fish for beginners to hone their skills on. In this video Trevor Covich lays out much of what you need to know to target, hook and land these fish successfully. An OPST Commando Head makes a terrific line for silver fishing because it can be cast with either a sinking or a floating tip. For fishing on the surface with poppers, try our Commando Floating Tips in either 7.5 or 10 foot lengths. For fishing subsurface, try our 7.5 foot Commando Tips.

Fly Fishing for Chrome Chum Salmon – Commando Heads

Chum enter the rivers as startlingly beautiful silver bullets that rival steelhead in every way. Only a few rivers offer reliable fly fishing for chrome chums like this, and and Kanektok River in western Alaska is one of them. We fished with Alaska West and caught all the chums we could handle and then some, in addition to several other species this incredible river has to offer. Give Alaska West a call at 800-344-3628 for more information, or visit the online: See many more videos on our videos page!