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Ed Ward on OPST Lazar Line and Knot Tying

Ed outlines why he likes OPST's Pure Skagit Lazar Line and demonstrates how to properly tie a triple surgeon's loop extremely tightly for a neat and strong knot. He also provides some helpful tips on line upkeep, handling, line weight selection, and more. If you've been thinking of switching to a mono running line or just want to learn how to tie a better knot, you should watch this video.

A Simple, Effective Silver Salmon Fly

OPST Guide Trevor Covich shows how to tie one of his go-to silver salmon flies. With a rabbit strip, a little flash and one dubbing loop, this is a fly that looks great and gets the job done. This fly is rigged the "classic intruder" way, with junction tubing attaching to the hook shank, with the leader going through the tubing to the hook. For the shank, hook, junction tubing and dubbing spinner used to tie this fly, visit

OPST Commando Skagit Heads

Hear from Ed Ward, Jerry French and Trevor Covich about what makes OPST's Commando Heads extraordinarily fishable. These Skagit Heads are the result of decades of focus on sustained anchor systemology (SAS) by Ed Ward and Jerry French. They are designed to expand the capabilities of shorter spey rods, switch rods and single hand rods beyond that of normal. You may be surprised at their short length, but this was no accident. The ultra-short design provides an effortless casting feel and enhances performance in circumstances of restricted casting room, troublesome winds and in casting bulky flies. It also makes them more fishable than longer lines that are hard to control on the water. Wanna roll cast? Underhand? Nymph? Single hand Skagit with a haul? Overhead? Go right ahead. You have never cast a line like the Commando.

OPST Dubbing Spinner

Jerry French explains some of the important features of OPST's new dubbing spinner, and why it is the best he has tried. Our tool is nice and heavy, feels good in the hand, spins like crazy, won't roll off the table, and won't break.

How to Tie Trevor’s Sculpin – OPST

Long-time Alaskan fly fishing guide Trevor Covich teaches you how to tie his sparse, deadly sculpin pattern that has accounted for untold numbers of big rainbows. Sculpins are some of the most effective flies in Alaska, and Trevor's version, with minimal materials and maximal movement, is one of the best. To recreate this sculpin ask for barred ostrich plumes from Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics.