Going for Gar - In memory of my father

We didn’t know we were going for gar when we pulled the canoe from atop the 4Runner, dragging it over the guardrail and down the hidden trail which runs two-hundred yards to the water through thick, Texas scrub. We didn’t know we were going for gar when we launched the canoe amid flooded hardwood trunks and low-hanging, long-thorned vines, watching as a Carolina wolf spider the size of our faces scampered up and away, disappearing into the canopy above our heads. In front of us, crossing open water, a dark, heavy-bodied snake sine-waved over the surface, seemingly defining physics. Read More...

Richard C. Armstrong Ⅲ

Today is ...

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. We’re the farthest away from the Sun as we’ll get in the Northern Hemisphere tonight, and armed with that knowledge the temptation is to make a “looking forward to summer” style post. But we here at #opskagit ❤️ the winter season on the West Side and all the challenges, mystery and excitement it brings! Shorter days mean maximizing your hours on the water, with game faces on all day long. It may be real wet on The West Side right now, but no worries. That’ll mean fresh fish when the ditches settle, and the days will just keep gettin’ longer from here......

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Canada, Week 1

Canada, Week 1

DISCLAIMER: The steelhead fishing in Canada is well documented, with dozens of lodges, including some of the most fancy and famous in the world, and hundreds of guides promoting its...

January Throw Down

January Throw Down

Dave Pinczkowski, early devotee of Skagit, fishing guide, practicioner of the "crayfish hop," die-hard fan of The Allman Brothers Band and midwest legend, made his now annual trip out west....

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What is it about winter

steelhead that get some of us excited to go embrace the suck in some of the worst weather imaginable?

The fish are extra cool, a little bigger and a bit meaner than their summer-run cousins for sure. But that’s not the whole rub; it’s an interesting and strange Tribe, these West Coast swing-only anglers. They accept and even embrace situations that would turn other anglers toward a more temperate pursuit. A fishless month in the face of horrific river conditions becomes a point of pride for many, instead of a woeful tale of defeat. After all, things are always bound to get better. But when they’re not, count on the right equipment to help you prevail when others are packing it in. This beautiful fish fell victim to our new Commando Groove Intermediate Skagit Head, a real game changer when things start going south on the water. Check them out here:

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