It's time for OPST's First Annual "Show Us Your Media" Contest!

 It’s time for our First Annual OPST Show Us Your Media Contest! Send us your photos of our rods or line systems being used to have a chance to win some premium OPST Gear. The grand prize for the video category will be an OPST Pure Skagit 9 weight, while the winner of the photo segment will walk away with a Full Line System of your choice (this includes the head, running line, 1 float tip, and 3 sink tips!) Not to mention all entrants have the opportunity to be featured on our social media pages! Voters are allowed to vote once every day from the website or from our Facebook page, so remember to keep promoting your entry.

As a company, our main goal is to bring products to our customers that make their time on the water more efficient and enjoyable. Throughout this journey, we've received countless testimonials from customers who are very much making the most out of their Pure Skagit experience; both in the one-handed and in the two-handed rod scene. We wanted to take that one step further and see what you’re up to and share it with the rest of our community!


“Here’s How It Works:”

Just submit your photos and videos to the links provided below. Be sure to check out the official rules at the bottom of the page before submitting. Video’s should be no longer than 60 seconds for social media purposes. Video’s longer than that will still be considered for use on our websites, but not for the grand prizes. Please include as much information as possible, like any OPST products used, fish species, area it was shot in (don't blow up any spots please), ect. Media must be the submitter’s original work (See the rule’s below for more clarification). The winner will be chosen via public vote , so be sure to promote your entry for a better chance.
Each person can vote once every day.
Submissions are accepted between 10/14/2020-11/14/2020,
voting will take place 11/15/2020-11/29/2020.


Show Us Your Media Video Contest

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Show Us Your Media Photo Contest

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Video Contest Prize

Pure Skagit 9 Wt. Rod

Photo Contest Prize

Full Line Setup of your choice (includes 1 head, 1 running line, 3 sink tips, and 1 float tip)

Official Rules

  • Submitters are granting permission for OPST to use their entry on our website, social media platforms, any other marketing purposes we see fit.
  • All entries must be related to an OPST product.
  • Submissions with sponsor logo's or branding must be approved through OPST and may not be allowed, case-by-case.
  • No promotional or ad-based content will be considered.
  • The media submitted must be the submitters original work or used with the proper permission and credit.
  • You must have obtained all the necessary rights (including music, image and film rights), consents, authorizations, and licenses covering the media submitted.
  • If you have copyrighted material in your media, including music, you must provide documentation of permission for its use. Submissions not meeting these criteria will be disqualified.
  • The submissions must not contain hate speech, excessive violence, slander, libel, profanity, nudity, or any other actionable offence.
  • OPST reserves the right to disqualify any entry at our discretion to cover any gray areas.
  • Each contestant is allowed to enter both the photo contest and the video contest, but may only have 1 entry in each category.
  • There is no cash prize alternative for any of the prizes.
  • All submissions containing fish photo's or video must adhere to the Keepemwet principles, available for review here: This will be strictly enforced, and as before gray area discretion goes to OPST.
  • Winners will be chosen by public voting on our website and also on our Facebook page. Each voter is allowed to vote once every day.
  • In the event a prize is out-of-stock a substitution of equal value will be made, or the winner can wait for a future restock date.
  • In the event a prize is All entries must be submitted by September 31, 2019. No late submissions will be considered.

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