Commando Head Trout Testing in Chile – OPST

We took our Commando Heads down to Patagonia, one of the world's great trout fishing regions. There we successfully fished streamers, terrestrials and even small dry flies to picky trout. We proved to ourselves yet again just how versatile our Commando Heads really are. There's almost nothing these lines can't do- and they do it with less energy, more power and more downright fun than any other lines we have tried. See for yourself whether these lines should have place in your trout fishing. We used 5 and 6 weights on our trip with heads from 200-250 grains, but OPST Commando Heads come as light as 150 grains for rods as light as a 3 weight. Special thanks to Gonzalo Cortes and Chucao Lodges for making this trip possible.!/...

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