How to Tie a Micro Intruder

If you love the Intruder, check this out. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how Ben Paull ties a Micro Intruder. Tied on a size 10 streamer hook, this is a pretty small intruder, but you can tie them even smaller with these techniques and materials. And if you don't want to tie your own, we have Jonathan Farmer versions coming very soon. It's time to get out there and swing for trout. When trout take these they do not do it delicately.

Hook: streamer, size 10
Thread: 140 Denier, Olive
Eyes: Lead dumbbell eyes, extra small, black
Butt: Fine Shrimp Pink Chenille
Tails: OPST Barred Ostrich, Yellow Green
Rib: Mono thread, 10/0
Body: Lateral Scale, Black
Shoulder: Olive Sculpin Wool, Lady Amherst,
clear barred predator wrap and UV dark olive
Ice Dub
Wings: saddle hackles, orange

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