NEW! Composite Brushes

OPST has partnered with Fair Flies to produce our brand new composite brushes. This first round comes in four colors: Blue/Black, Red/Black, Pink/Lavender, and Purple/Blue. We designed these brushes with the main characteristics we look for in composite loops for steelhead flies: body, motion, and flash. Simply wind them onto a shank and you have a multi-layered, complex and swimmy fly. Or, incorporate them into shoulders for intruders and other steelhead flies. They even have applications for saltwater. These brushes are produced in Nepal, by Fair Flies, LLC. Fair Flies pays living wages, and employs women and youth who have been trafficked or are at risk of being trafficked, and their families. Many of these women have PTSD and, thanks to your purchase of a composite brush, have found a better life and an escape from entrapment in the sex industry and slavery.

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