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B-Grade Drabs Barred- 2 Pack

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We move through a lot of ostrich feathers in a year, and not every one is perfect. Some ostrich feathers are "more equal than others". Sometimes drabs are a little stunted. More commonly, the barring is too thick, or there is bleeding of black into the colors. In the case of white, this can produce a grey color where it should be white. On most of these B-grade drabs, the barring is simply too thick. Most of the physical feathers themselves are decent. Certainly good enough to tie on- they just don't look great on the shelf, or when you open up the box. They're almost there, just not quite. This B-grade drabs come in a 2 pack, so even if one or two aren't quite adequate, you've got several more that could be pretty good. And they're cheap. Cause they're B Grade.