OPST Leather-Bound Flask

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Many of us have found the occasion to have a belt of the ‘ol creature while out on the river chasing many of the fish we love to chase with Skagit lines. Whether it’s to celebrate a great fish landed, help with the crushing loss of the fish of a lifetime, or to simply ward off the elements, it’s always nice to have come from a solid flask. And that’s what we have here! Our OPST Leather-Bound Flask is a functional and ruggedly stylish way to have your favorite celebration libation on hand. Holding 8 fluid ounces and featuring our branding expertly hand- pressed onto a beautiful leather outer, these flasks will offer a cool way to enjoy a streamside beverage for years to come. These make a great gift for that fly fisher in your life that needs an old dented rusty flask replaced with a little class!