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King Salmon Jerky

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OPST has partnered with Alaska's Best King Salmon Jerky to offer you the perfect river snack. Alaska's Best King Salmon Jerky is made from all-natural, wild salmon from Alaska. Each salmon is hand filleted, carefully seasoned, and slow smoked over cherry and alder wood for over 24 hours. The jerky is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and has more protein that beef jerky. It also doesn't contain all of the chemicals and preservatives found in most beef jerky. Our jerky comes in three flavors: Original, Peppered and Teriyaki. It would be tough to find a better stocking stuffer!


The Alaska salmon fishery is one of the world's most sustainable fisheries, and your support helps keep fishermen in business, which in turn bolsters opposition to harmful resource extraction projects like the Pebble Mine.