Low Water Graboid Leech


Low Water Graboid Leech LWGRAB

The same fish catching magic as the original Graboid Leech, just with a little less weight to keep you off the bottom. While the original Graboid has a tungsten conehead, this version has a brass conehead instead.

The Grabboid Leech is the latest deadly fly to come off of Jonathan Farmer's vise. It's a twist on the famous string leech, but with rubber legs, Lady Amherst, lateral scale, and a composite loop of Ice Dub, Angel Hair and Predator Wrap. A bead head helps it get down but not too fast, and our size 3 OPST Swing Hook is twisted hitched to the barred rabbit strip tail. This is a string leech with all the fixins and a special sauce.

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Low Water Graboid Leech Low Water Graboid Leech