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Published at 2018, September 13
This past spring, Ben travelled to Croatia where he spent some time with Milan Kuprešanin, an expert guide on the River Gacka. This is one of most demanding and highly regarded spring creeks in Europe, and it usually requires hatch matching, technical fishing and precise mending. Upon meeting Milan, Ben was a little nervous about what he would think about these radically short, aggressive tapers from the US. To his surprise, Milan was extremely excited about these new lines, and he could hardly have been more impressed with their performance on this challenging river. Between Ben and his friend Ratko Stibric, many Gacka trout came to the bank that day. Like a lot. So, next time you are on a spring creek, consider streamer fishing. And definitely try a Commando Head. To read Ben's blog post about this day, visit:…/putting-the-hurt-on-a-spring-creek/