Discover Micro Skagit

We love steelhead fishing. It's where we got our start as a company and it's where Skagit casting started. However, we know that trout and bass are much more accessible for most people, including ourselves. Furthermore, almost all of us have a single handed trout rod, whereas a steelhead outfit can be a serious investment that people might be hesitant to undertake. Well, we at OPST offer our Micro Series Commando Heads to take your dainty single hand rod and turn it into a Micro Skagit rocket that you can cast just about anywhere, with bigger flies than you ever thought possible.


The key is the short and fat line that generates powerful rod load without requiring a back cast. With a short single hand rod, you will be amazed at the places you can cast this line. And unlike with conventional fly lines, a heavy 6 or 7 weight rod is not necessary to cast good-sized streamers. What this means is that you can fish for big fish, but that even the small ones will be a lot of fun on your light rod. The Commando system is also extremely effective and versatile. From fishing streamers on the swing, to casting and stripping, to upstream nymphing presentations with a sink tip, Micro Skagit on a Commando Head will allow you to pick apart trout water, and do it with ease.


For sink tips, we like our 5 foot Micro Commando Tips. Slightly longer 7 foot Rio Versileaders and 5-10 foot Airflo sinking Polyleaders are also effective, but they are lighter than Commando Tips and may not be as easy to cast. For floating tips, check out our brand new Commando Floating Tips. These are strong, tapered, floating tips in 5, 7.5 and 10 foot lengths to accommodate rods from 6 through 12 feet long. We think that Micro Skagit on single hand rods is the most exciting aspect of Commando Heads, and more and more we go out of our way to fish this way. Below are a few of our favorite Micro Skagit Commando setups.