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Ed Ward's Wooly Ward Tying Kit (Brown/Orange)

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Ed Ward’s Wolly Ward Fly Kit


Ed Ward ties fishy flies.  They may not always be conventional, but that’s why they work so darn well!  Introducing the Wolly Ward, a fly that targets trout, bass, panfish and other like-sized fish. We’ve packaged that fishiness into convenient fly-tying kits that give you enough material for you to tie 10 to 12 flies, making this a great value.  You can tie them just like we do or add your own twist and make the pattern your own.  These kits are great for the novice or experienced fly tier alike and are a great way to dip your toes into fly tying.  We hope you enjoy these kits and that they inspire you to tie more flies. No flies included just the materials to tie them.