Fly Tying and Hooks

Our unique and functional fly tying tools and materials will bring your fly tying enjoyment to new levels and open up whole new worlds of creativity.

OPST/ Midnight Sun Custom Flies Partnership

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics has partnered with Jonathan Farmer’s Midnight Sun Custom Flies to bring to you what we feel are very high-quality flies tied right here in the US! Farmer has assembled an outstanding team of American West Coast fly tiers to keep us stocked up on some of the most creative and uber-fishy flies around. Sure, we could go with commercially tied flies from overseas, getting them cheaper and in larger quantities. But the sacrifice in quality would be noticeable and unjustifiable in our opinion. We choose to source the best salmon, steelhead, trout and bass flies we can find, because if we won’t fish it, we won’t sell it! We’re glad to have Jonathan and his crew on board, and to be able to provide their high-quality flies to our customers. Check out what we’re so excited about!