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Dave Pinczkowski's Carpet Spider Tying Kit

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Dave Pinczkowski’s Carpet Spider is a dynamo of a pattern, easy to tie with a ton of movement.  Born in the Midwest and modified for the Pacific Coast, our Carpet Spider Fly Tying Kits are of great value and have different craft fur colors to allow you to mix and match your patterns.  This fly has accounted for countless fish caught and is a great addition to your winter steelhead box.  We’ve packaged that goodness into convenient fly-tying kits in four great colors!  We’ve included enough material for you to tie 10 to 12 flies, making this a great value.  You can tie them just like we do on our YouTube page or add your own twist and make the pattern your own.  These kits are great for the novice or experienced fly tier alike and are a great way to dip your toes into steelhead fly tying.  We hope you enjoy these kits and that they inspire you to tie more flies. Flies not included!