Pure Skagit Sink Tips

Tips Generally For 6wt. Switch Rods and Up. 

Micro Skagit Sink Tips

Tips For Single Hand Rods, Trout Spey, and Micro Skagit

Floating Tips

Available For Everything Between a 3wt. Single Hander On To Full Sized Spey Rods.


Our tips come in 5, 7.5, 10, and 12 foot lengths. Within each length and grain weight, they come in three different sink rates, which we call Riffle, Run and Bucket; for shallow, medium depth and deep water. The exact sink rates within those three categories will vary based on length and grain weight. So not all Bucket tips are the same across different grain weights, but the three sink rates within each weight is a constant throughout our tips.

This means that you can get a deeper-sinking tip or a shallower tip with the same tip grain weight, so you don’t have to change your cast to fish different depths of water. For example, all of our 5 Foot Micro Tips—the Riffle, Run, and Bucket, all weigh the same, even though there are three different sink rates, or densities. All of our tips have the line ID on the rear of the tip (towards head), while all the heads have the line ID on the front of the head (towards tip). This way you're able grab the connection and know which head and tip you have on at the same time. All of our heads and tips feature strong welded loops on both ends for easy rigging.