What is Pure Skagit ?

" Pure Skagit " is a casting philosophy that revolves around Sustained Anchor Systemology, or SAS. SAS is defined and distinguished from other forms of two-handed or "spey" casting by its use of the sustained anchor. During the Skagit cast, the anchor, which is the fly, remains stationary until the final forward stroke. This means that the entirety of the cast consists of simply removing the Skagit Head and sink tip from the water, with the rod storing energy throughout the stroke.


When the caster runs out of line on the water, it is time to make the cast. Once the anchor is set, the stroke, or sweep, is continuous, with constant motion until the final forward stroke. The rod butt acts as a pivot point and does not move in space. With an out and around, continuous motion, rod load is generated through the breaking of surface tension between the line and the water. With no pause in casting motion, there is no loss of rod load, and thus no unnecessary additional grain weight required, and the Skagit cast is optimized. It is for this casting style that Commando Heads were developed. We think they are the truest embodiment of a Skagit cast, and we are proud to say that they represent "Pure Skagit."