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“A Montana native”

KynsLee’s affection for the sport sparked in her youth, captivated by the gentle flow of her homewaters, the Missouri River. This experience triggered an all-consuming desire to learn, progress, and share her passion with anyone willing to bend an ear. Some years later, while attending the University of Montana, she embraced the overwhelming urge to make guiding her career. Working with Blackfoot River Outfitter's for nearly a decade, KynsLee runs her spring/summer trout program on various systems surrounding her home, in Missoula, MT. She now shares her time between Blackfoot River Outfitters and a few other outfitters. Through the autumn and winter months, she can be found guiding and fishing for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. An outspoken advocate for mobilizing female participation in the sport, KynsLee’s worked tirelessly to develop casting, rowing, and fishing programs for women in the Pacific Northwest. With a background in conservation, she’s partnered with organizations like American Rivers to protect and preserve river ecology and the health of her fisheries. KynsLee is a proud G Loomis Elite Ambassador.


Born and bred in the PNW, Rick has had a spey rod in his hands since age six. The fondest memories of his childhood were shared shaking dries before the sunrise with his father on the banks of the Snoqualmie River. At 16, he began dividing his time between the West side and the Yakima River where he got his start as a guide. From that age on, Ricky has been chasing fish across the PNW and now calls Montana home. Ricky is a prolific two and single hand caster and one of the fishiest people, as many know. Over the past decade, he has worked to polish his professional guide skills and strives to be one of the best. During the spring and summer, you will find him on the trout rivers of western Montana then back in Washington for the fall and winter anadromous fish.

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John McCloskey

Manager/Head Guide @naknekrivercamp

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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics @Opskagit

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OP Skagit Tactics (OPST)
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