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Commando Smooth Integrated Skagit Head/Running Line

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The original OPST Commando Head changed the game for trout spey and single hand Skagit tactics. But for streamer, dry fly and nymph fishing, where you often fish at close range and strip flies right up to the rod tip, we knew we could improve it.

Enter the Commando Smooth—a Commando Head and a thin, slick coated running line integrated into one with a smooth, gradual taper. No longer will you feel a bump as the running line/Commando Head junction enters the guides. You won't feel anything at all, except a jarring strike as a fish attacks your streamer.

We listened to the requests of numerous Commando Head fans, and created a line that fishes even better than the original. The Commando Smooth is designed to be used with our Micro Tips and Commando Floating Tips, from 5 to 10 feet long. The running line is orange to provide a nice contrast against the Sauk Blue head. If you are looking for a line that can do almost anything, experience the Commando Smooth. It's just like the wildly popular Commando Head. Only smoother. Length: 99.3 feet. Head weights: 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300 grains.

* Note that 150-250 grain Smooths are rated at 25 lbs, while 275 and 300 are rated at 30 lbs.  Please take this into account when targeting larger species.   

Smooth Lengths Head Length
150-175 grain. 12'
200-275 grain 13.5’
300 grain 15’

Ed Ward on the New Commando SMOOTH

Commando Smooth Poke Trick with Ed Ward

For decades Ed Ward, creator of the OPST Commando Head, was anti-coated running lines. They were too thick, they degraded too easily, and they didn't shoot as well as mono. Then the Commando SMOOTH came along. With a super thin diameter (0.026") and a durable coating, the Commando SMOOTH is the easy casting, fully integrated shooting head and running line of your dreams.

It should come as no surprise that Ed Ward is particular about what he fishes, from lines to reels to rods. So, it should also come as no surprise that it took us 5 years and 4 renditions to get our final rod design dialed in. That’s ok, the final product was well worth the design time! Ed likes a rod to give the caster a boatload of “feedback”; this is the soul of a rod that lets you know through your hands when the rod is loaded, improving your overall casting. Without feedback you’re just guessing as to the timing or tempo needed to make the cast. He also likes a rod that feels lively when fighting a fish, and light in hand for an enjoyable day on the water. These nimble rods have fit the bill on all the requirements, and then some. After all, if Ed likes it, you know you’ve got something special!