Micro Skagit Series Two-Handed Rods

True Illustration of Ed Ward’s Vision

The Micro Skagit category consists of three rods rated to cast 275 grain heads or lower. Their tapers have been designed to pleasantly accommodate both single-handed Spey/Skagit-type casts and two-handed Spey/Skagit-type casts. Whether you’re picking apart small to medium sized rivers on foot swinging soft hackles, throwing big streamers into the bank from a boat, or busting big bushy salmon flies into the teeth of an afternoon breeze, these nifty little hybrid rods should have a permanent place in your quiver. The 9’9” 3wt and 10’4wt both have cigar-style single-welled upper grips and switch-style lower handles, while the 10’ 4” 5wt has a grip/handle configuration like the Pure Skagit Rod style outlined in the next section.

OPST Two-Handed Rods - Micro Skagit

  • $599.00

 Reversed Half-Well Grip: 3WT-5WT

"Just wanted to send a note just to say how much I love this rod man! Casting this rod is just a pleasure, line just jumps off this thing so effortlessly! I actually found it even better cack handed for some reason probably because I am less likely to put more effort into it from that side. And when I hooked up and that baby bent right to cork, so sweet! "


SeriesLine WeightLengthSectionsCork Grip MSRP
Micro Skagit 3 WT9' 9"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELL$599.00
Micro Skagit 4 WT10' 0"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELL$599.00
Micro Skagit5 WT 10" 4"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELL$599.00
Color ( All Series ) Action ( All Series )
Matte Black with Blue Accent WrapsMEDIUM / FAST
OPST Rod Recommendations Commando HeadCommando SmoothCommando GrooveLazar Line Sinking Tips
9'9" 3wt Micro Skagit Rod150-175 grain150-175 grainN/A30lb 7.5' 60 grain Micro Commando Tips, 10' 80 grain Commando Sink Tips
10' 4wt Micro Skagit Rod175-200 grain175-200 grain200 grain30lb7.5' 60 grain Micro Commando Tips, 10' 80 grain Commando Sink Tips
10'4" 5wt Micro Skagit Rod225-250 grain225-250 grain200-225 grain30-35lb 10' 80 grain and 12' 96 grain Commando Sink Tips


Ed Ward Talks About OPST Two-Hand Rods

Ed Ward On The OPST Micro Skagit 4wt.

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