Pure Skagit Commando Head System D2

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Micro Skagit Commando System for Single Hand Rods 9' & under.

Want to try the Commando system on your trout rod but are confused about what lines to choose? OPST now makes getting set up with a Commando Head easier than ever. We offer a complete system with a Commando Head, Lazar Line, Head Wallet, all three 5 foot, 40 grains Micro Commando Tips and a spool of Megastrong Fluorocarbon tippet. Plus, a 8" OPST Rectangular sticker is included. This is your best option for a one-stop solution for trout and bass fishing with Micro Skagit Commando Heads.

Why choose a Commando Head system? This is an optimized system, with balanced shooting head, running line and tips, to take the guess work out of getting started in the exciting world of Micro Skagit. Our 150 grain system is best suited to typical 3-weigh rods, our 175 grain is best suited to most 4-weight rods, and our 200 grain system is optimized for most typical 5-weights. These kits will have you casting more easily than just about any other line system. They allow you to cast large flies on light rods, and they allow you to cast just about anywhere, since Commando Heads don't require a back cast. That being said, they can be overhead cast extremely well- just keep your false casting to a minimum- ideally just one back cast