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Pure Skagit Lazar Line

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OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line epitomizes everything people love about monofilament running lines: slickness, easy shooting, and thinness. Even better, it lacks memory, the main drawback common in mono. If you like to make a cast and then kick back and enjoy the scenery while your running line is streaming out, maybe taking a bite of your sandwich as you achieve more distance than ever before, Lazar Line is for you. This ultra-thin, extremely slick running line will shock you with how little memory it has. We still laugh when we take strips of line off of our reels because we can't believe how good it is, even after years of use. A new spool will have some memory, but if you stretch the line and, even better, pull it through your fingers, you will see that memory disappears. Lazar Line is a low-stretch monofilament, and thanks to that and to its thin diameter, it ties neat and strong knots. We have tested it in both hot and cold conditions and have found it outstanding at any temperature. In cold conditions, initial line stretching will be necessary, but performance will

•Exceptional durability

•Consistent performance in hot and cold conditions

•No permanent memory at any temperature

•High visibility

•Ties beautiful knots

•Calculated stretch- high knot strength

Ed Ward on OPST Lazar Line and Knot Tying

Premier shooting line designed by Ed Ward

OPST Lazar Line: Top Rated Running Line

  • Exceptional durability
  • Consistent performance in hot and cold conditions
  • No permanent memory at any temperature
  • High visibility
  • Ties beautiful knots
  • Calculated stretch- high knot strength

OPST Shank Chuck Tool

OPST's Lazar Line is a premier shooting line designed to maximize casting distance and enjoyment. The line is mono-based, but without the coiling and memory common to similarly thin mono running lines. OPST Lazar Line has virtually no memory, is incredibly slick and supple, and excels in hot and cold conditions. It has a limited stretch to aid in strike detection, and it ties beautiful knots. Many people have switched to Lazar Line as their all-time favorite. It comes in 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 pound test for everything from trout to king salmon.