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OPST Two-Handed Rods

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Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is proud to release our very own line of Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods, designed by Ed Ward. We developed our rods over five years during which we refined the taper to represent Ed’s concepts. It will initially include six rods in total, ranging from a 9’9” Micro Skagit Two-Handed 3wt up to a 11’6” 8wt, and every whole rod weight in between. This line-up will be classified by design differences, into two categories: Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit rods. These rods were designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward and represent decades of dedication purely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting. A rod reflects its designer, and these rods are a true illustration of Ed’s vision.