Pure Skagit Series Two-Handed Rods

True Illustration of Ed Ward’s Vision

Our Pure Skagit Rod line-up is definitively more focused towards Spey/Skagit-type two-handed casting. Represented by a 10’8” 6wt, an 11’ 7wt, an 11’6’ 8wt, they depart from our Micro Series in a few ways. The upper grips are double-welled and thus more aligned with contemporary two-handed rods under 12’, while the lower handles remain switch-style. These rods are also faster than the Micro series, being a true medium-fast action that casts off the upper third of the taper. This taper loads very well during the Sweep phase of the Skagit casting sequence and maintaining that load into the Forward Cast, with a very crisp final delivery. This rod line-up is targeted toward the fishing of large trout up to Canadian and Alaskan King Salmon.

OPST Two-Handed Rods - Pure Skagit

  • $699.00

Full-Welled Grip : 6 WT to 9 WT

"OPST’s two-handed rods were designed by legendary angler and Skagit-casting proponent, Ed Ward. Although we’ve only tested the 8-weight, Ed nailed it! According to George Krumm, “The OPST 8-weight is light, strong, capable of launching big rabbit/marabou flies and sink tips ranging from T-8 to T-14, as well as handling the huge, steelhead-sized rainbows for which the Naknek is known. 


SeriesLine WeightLengthSectionsCork Grip MSRP
Pure Skagit6 WT10" 8"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit7 WT11" 0"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit8 WT11" 6"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit9 WT12' 3"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Color ( All Series ) Action ( All Series )
Matte Black with Blue Accent WrapsMEDIUM / FAST
OPST Rod Recommendations Commando HeadCommando SmoothCommando GrooveLazar Line Sinking Tips
10'6" 6wt Pure Skagit Rod275-300 grain275-300 grain250-275 grain35-40lb 10' 80 grain and 12' 96 grain Commando Sink Tips
11' 7wt Pure Skagit Rod325-350 grainN/A 300-325 grain35-40lb10' 110 grain and 12' 132 grain Commando Sink Tips
11'6" 8wt Pure Skagit Rod375-400 grainN/A350-375 grain 40-50lb 10' 140 grain and 12' 168 grain Commando Sink Tips
12'3" 9wt Pure Skagit Rod425-450N/A400-42540-50lb12' 168 Grain Commando Sink Tips


Ed Ward Talks About OPST Two-Hand Rods

Ed Ward On The OPST Micro Skagit 4wt.

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