Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods

"Feel The Difference"
A True Illustration of Ed Ward’s Vision

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is proud to release our very own line of Two-Handed Rods, designed by Ed Ward. We developed our rods over five years during which we refined the taper to represent Ed’s concepts. It will initially include seven rods in total, ranging from a 9’9” two-handed 3wt up to an 12’3” 9wt, and every rod weight in-between. This line-up will be classified by design differences, into two categories: Micro Skagit (almost a hybrid between trout spey and single hand rods) and Pure Skagit rods (more in line with contemporary switch rods). The rods were designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward and represent decades of dedication purely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting. A rod reflects its designer, and these rods are a true illustration of Ed’s vision. 

Micro Skagit Series

Reversed Half-Well Grip : 3WT to 5WT

Micro Skagit Series.

  • Almost fits in as Single Hand/Trout Spey Hybrids.
  • Single Hand Upper Grips
  • Switch Style Lower Grips
  • Medium-Medium/Fast Action
  • REC Recoil Guides w/ Ceramic Inserts
  • Ultra Short Lengths Facilitate Compact Casting and More Sensitivity Than Traditional Trout Speys.
  • This Series Also Delivers Overhead Casts Surprisingly Well. (We normally like to overline each rod by one overhand line size. For example, 5wt. overhead line matches well with an OPST 4wt.)
  • 9'9" 3wt.- Ideal for smaller water, soft hackles, bead heads, and small streamers
  • 10' 4wt.- Our most popular option in the micro series. Perfect all around trout and bass rod. Enough sensitivity to have fun with those smaller fish, but also packing enough power for decent distance with those mid-sized streamers(mini-articulates/ect.)
  • 10'4" 5wt.Great for medium-large streamers or bigger distances.

Pure Skagit Series

Full-Welled Grip : 6WT to 9WT

Pure Skagit Series.

  • More in line with contemporary two handed rods
  • Fully-Welled Upper Grips
  • Switch Style Lower Grips
  • Medium/Fast Action (Just a Smidge Faster Than The Micro Series)
  • REC Recoil Guides w/ Ceramic Inserts
  • Shorter Lengths Facilitate Compact Casting and Extra Sensitivity
  • 10'8" 6wt.- Ideal for large trout and bass, big streamers and distance
  • 11' 7wt.- Great for those smaller steelhead/salmon or XL trout/bass streamers and distance (popular for the Great Lakes and Southern Oregon).
  • 11'6" 8 wt.-Perfect all around steelhead/salmon rod. Enough power to feel comfortable anywhere in the lower 48.
  • 12'3" 9wt.- This rod screams kings, monster steelhead, and huge distances.

Ed Ward Dives Into His New Rod Series

Ed Ward On The OPST Micro Skagit 4wt.

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