Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods

"Feel The Difference"

True Illustration of Ed Ward’s Vision

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics is proud to release our very own line of Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit Two-Handed Rods, designed by Ed Ward. We developed our rods over five years during which we refined the taper to represent Ed’s concepts. It will initially include six rods in total, ranging from a 9’9” Micro Skagit Two-Handed 3wt up to an 11’6” 8wt, and every whole rod weight in-between. This line-up will be classified by design differences, into two categories: Micro Skagit and Pure Skagit rods. These rods were designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward and represent decades of dedication purely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting. A rod reflects its designer, and these rods are a true illustration of Ed’s vision. 

Micro Skagit Series

Reversed Half-Well Grip : 3WT to 5WT

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Pure Skagit Series

Full-Welled Grip : 6WT to 9WT

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SeriesLine WeightLengthSections Cork GripMSRP
Micro Skagit3 WT9' 9"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELLS$599.00
Micro Skagit4 WT10' 0"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELLS$599.00
Micro Skagit5 WT10" 4"4 PCSREVERSED HALF-WELLS$599.00
Pure Skagit6 WT10" 8"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit7 WT11" 0"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit 8 WT11" 6"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Pure Skagit 9 WT12' 3"4 PCSFULL-WELLS$699.00
Color ( All Series )Action ( All Series )
Matte Black with Blue Accent Wraps MEDIUM / FAST
OPST Rod RecommendationsCommando Head Commando SmoothCommando GrooveLazar LineSinking Tips
9'9" 3wt Micro Skagit Rod150-175 grain150-175 grainN/A30lb7.5' 60 grain Micro Commando Tips, 10' 80 grain Commando Sink Tips
10' 4wt Micro Skagit Rod175-200 grain175-200 grain200 grain30lb7.5' 60 grain Micro Commando Tips, 10' 80 grain Commando Sink Tips
10'4" 5wt Micro Skagit Rod225-250 grain225-250 grain200-225 grain 30-35lb10' 80 grain and 12' 96 grain Commando Sink Tips
10'6" 6wt Pure Skagit Rod275-300 grain275-300 grain250-275 grain 35-40lb10' 80 grain and 12' 96 grain Commando Sink Tips
11' 7wt Pure Skagit Rod325-350 grainN/A300-325 grain35-40lb10' 110 grain and 12' 132 grain Commando Sink Tips
11'6" 8wt Pure Skagit Rod375-400 grainN/A350-375 grain40-50lb10' 140 grain and 12' 168 grain Commando Sink Tips
12'3" 9wt Pure Skagit Rod425-450N/A400-42540-50lb12' 168 Grain Commando Sink Tips

Ed Ward Talks About OPST Two-Hand Rods

Ed Ward On The OPST Micro Skagit 4wt.

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