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Pure Skagit Commando Groove Intermediate Skagit Head

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Commando “Groove” Dual Density Intermediate Commando Heads

Introducing the Commando Groove, OPST’s new Dual-Density Floating/Intermediate Heads.  Featuring the same popular and effective taper designed by Skagit Guru Ed Ward, now in a floating rear third and an intermediate front to really slow down that swing and presentation, along with getting that head and tip under the conflicting surface currents for a more user-friendly swing as well!  Available in Commando Head Sizes ranging from 200 grains all the way up to 475 grains, to cover all your needs on the water.  Same great Commando Heads now in dual density-intermediate to round out your Pure Skagit quiver.  Slide into that slot with the Commando Groove!

Commando Head Lengths Head Length
150-175 grain 12'
200-275 grain 13.5’
300-375 grain 15’
400-425 grain. 16.5’
450-475 grain. 18'