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ATTENTION: Due to permitting requirements, we are unable to ship our flies outside of the United States. This excludes the Bead Belly Bait Fish.

We have wanted to get into the fly business for a long time. We had a couple false starts. The number one problem is quality. The second issue is securing a reliable supply. This is most easily accomplished by tying overseas. But by boosting supply you lose out on quality. And for pricing and availability reasons, getting premium materials like saddle hackles is hard to do. Well, we have chosen quality over quantity. It's hard to match the "fishiness" and attention to detail of a real fly fisher at the vise.

Our flies are not cheap. But they also won't fall apart on you. You won't get them in the mail and find out that the ostrich is matted, or the hackles drab or brittle. The reality is, most of us use a couple of flies during a weekend of fishing. So try a few. It won't break the bank. And feel good that you are supporting a real American fisherman, named Jonathan Farmer, who makes his living off of tying these killer steelhead flies.

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